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Microsoft, Windows, and Excel are trademarks owned by the Microsoft Corporation.The VORSIM trademark in the U.S. and abroad is owned by Vernon Oley Roningen, all rights reserved.  VORSIM software is copyright 1996, 1998 by Vernon Oley Roningen, all rights reserved.

Vorsimeconomics††† trade††† spreadsheet††† model††† modeling††† VORSIM††† simulation

projection†† forecasting††† equation††† agriculture†††† simultaneous equations

economic model††† economic modeling††† trade modeling††† agriculture modeling

SWOPSIM†††† WTO modeling††† input-output modeling††† Armington model

Roningen†††† VBA†††† Visual Basic for Applications

Partial equilibrium modeling†††††††††††††††††† supply demand modeling








VORSIM software helps you build, simulate and manage models as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.VORSIM version 15 is now available for Excel 2013 and Windows 8.1 for $19.99.It operates very much like the earlier version 14. However, information on important differences is found on the VORSIM 15 website.VORSIM 14 for earlier Excel versions (Excel 97-2010) is still available by download for $9.99 along with the CD version of VORSIM 14 and several large models for $49.99 (see the Shopping Cart).

We provide consulting services for economic issues (including trade policy) and build customized models for/with clients.E-mail us if you have questions.

E-Mail: info@vorsim.com 

Mailing Address:VORSIM,4707 9th Street South, Arlington, VA 22204, USA