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Official PayPal SealVORSIM 15 software and compatible models and VORSIM 14 can be ordered by clicking the [Add to Cart] buttons on this page. When you have added all items to the Cart, payment can be made through PayPal by clicking the [Check Out] button if you want to pay by credit card (through PayPal) or the [Check out with PayPal] button if you have a PayPal account. As soon as payment from a PayPal account is confirmed, a [Download] button will appear and you can download items ordered. When payment is completed by credit card through PayPal, you will receive an e-mail with download instructions for your order. Normally if you pay with a PayPal account, you can download the software immediately while if you use a credit card without a PayPal account, an extra step is required to enter Credit Card information (delay due to verification of your Credit Card). If you have problems with your order, e-mail order@vorsim.com.

When you download a purchased file (an *.exe file), save it on your C: drive, your desktop, or elsewhere; then double click on the saved file to begin installation. Follow the installation directions (you may have to temporarily lower your firewall and virus protection). If you delay your download too long, it may expire; if so, contact us by e-mail.

VORSIM 15 software and compatible model downloads for Excel 2013 and Windows 8.1 (will not work in earlier versions of Excel)

VORSIM 15 for Excel 2013, Windows 8.1 $19.99 http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

NFAP, SFAP world agric. models for VORSIM 15 $9.99 http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

SWOPsim models for VORSIM 15 $9.99 http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

DARM and DEML demo models for VORSIM 15 $4.99 http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

DrawSD, manipulate supply/demand schedules - $4.99 http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

VORSIM 14 software for earlier Excel versions (97-2010)

VORSIM 14 software download - $9.99 http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

VORSIM 14 CD software + several large models - $49.99 http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png