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Official PayPal SealVORSIM 15 software and compatible models and VORSIM 14 can be ordered by clicking the [Add to Cart] buttons on this page.  When you have added all items to the Shopping Cart, payment can be made through PayPal by clicking the [Check Out] button.  You can pay by credit card (through PayPal) or with the [Check out with PayPal] button if you have a PayPal account.  As soon as payment is confirmed by PayPal, a page with [Download] buttons will appear and you can download items ordered.  If you have problems with your order or downloads, e-mail order@vorsim.com.  When you download a purchased file (a *.zip file which opens to *.exe files), run each *.exe file for installation.  Follow the installation directions (you may have to temporarily DontRun.bmplower your firewall and virus protection).  If you delay your download too long, it may expire; if so, contact us.  Note that Windows 10 protects your PC from running *.exe files (message on right) but this can be overcome by clicking on “More info” instead of the [Don’t run] button.  This brings up a new message (below) with the Run.bmpfile name and a [Run anyway] button, which when clicked, begins the file installation process. 





VORSIM 15 software and model downloads for Excel 2013 and Excel 2016    (will not work in earlier versions of Excel)

VORSIM 15 - Excel 2013, Excel 2016 – $19.99  http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

NFAP, SFAP world agric. models for VORSIM 15 – $9.99  http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

SWOPsim models for VORSIM 15 – $9.99   http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

DARM and DEML demo models for VORSIM 15 – $4.99  http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

DrawSD, DrawMonopoly,  supply/demand analysis - $4.99   http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

VORSIM 14 software for earlier Excel versions (97-2010)           (will not work in Excel 2013, 2016)

VORSIM 14 software download - $9.99  http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png

VORSIM 14 software + several large models on CD (sent by airmail rather than download – be sure to include your postal adress) - $49.99  http://image.payloadz.com/images/btn-addtocart-b.png